In response to my last post, § (@lawremipsum) tweeted:

.@samglover I've given that thought in terms of AI. Once past the problem of acknowledging agency, meat humans would be "outnumbered."

He’s right, obviously. Transhumanists want to eliminate death — except by choice — which means a whole lot more people. The route to immortality does not have to mean living as an upload, but since the planet is not growing, real estate in meatspace is only going to get more scarce. If the population is going to radically increase, we will either have to colonize other planets, or a lot of people will have to live in virtual space. Or both.

If there are more uploads (and, as @lawremipsum adds, AIs) than meat humans, there will necessarily be upload interest groups. After all, uploads will have their own pet issues, like net neutrality (or bandwidth regulation), the taxation of virtual property, and surveillance.

So what will they call their interest group(s)? If you come up with a good acronym, leave it in the comments. The best I can do are these:

  • NOBODI (National Organization of Beings of Digital Intelligence)
  • ODD (Organization for Digital Determinism)
  • FAPP (Foundation for the Advancement of Posthuman Persons)